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Wix Music Opening Act

The Challenge:

To launch Wix’s new website platform for musicians – Wix Music.

The Idea:

Turning YouTube pre-rolls into “opening acts” for the world’s leading musicians. For one week, Wix Music users took over the world’s biggest stage – YouTube. We generated over 100 Million views for Wix users’ music videos. And Wix picked up the tab. Every musician who opened up a Wix Music page and uploaded a video, opened for the world’s leading artists on YouTube, in their respective genre.

Zero Make the City Come Alive


The Challenge:

Coca-Cola Zero Makes the city come alive with street art!

The Solution:

We started off with black billboards, inviting street artists to make the city come alive with their art – and we supplied the canvas.

Two weeks later we replaced all the black billboards with custom designs by Pilpeled. Pilpeled is one of the most unique and identifiable forces on the urban Israeli art and design scene and a rising star in the global scene. Pilpeled even used cranes and drones to paint and document the billboards.

Additionally, we turned the entire state of Israel into the largest street art gallery in the world. By using the popular navigation app “Waze”, we indexed and showed information about individual pieces all around the country.

But we didn’t stop there – We collaborated with Industrial designer and artist Liat Segal and put up a Graffiti Robot which drew live different illustrations made especially for the robot by street artists, designers and design students from Bezalel academy of arts and design.


Diet Coke presents: Millions of one of a kind bottles

The Challenge

Conveying Diet Coca-Cola’s Message – ״Stay Extraordinary״

The idea

over 2 million bottles were produced by a new and unique printing system that prints every bottle with a different look.
for the consumer, this means that no bottle would repeat itself and that the consumer holds a one of a kind bottle!

Unlock YOLO


The Challenge:

To introduce a new brand of chocolate pudding – YOLO, and generate a digital buzz.

The Solution:

The YOLO could be attained with one catch – it came locked inside a transparent box which had a combination lock on it, and the tasters had to resist the temptation until we sent them the combination.

The Results:

We had the world’s first communal tasting. All of our tasters tasted YOLO at the same time, and this created a tidal wave of social media. The buzz was so big, that YOLO’s were all over Israeli social media channels, and once introduced to the market it was sold out!

Coca-Cola Mini Me (3D Printing)

The Challenge

Launching Coca-Cola’s new product in Israel – Mini Coca-Cola.

The Idea

We decided to introduce the new product to our consumers by using something close enough to them, something they are  very familiar to –  themselves, Or to be more precise, a mini version of themselves – by printing a 3D mini figurines which looks exactly like them.

The Results

Coca-Cola mini sales hit all predictions. The yearly goal was sold in only in 2 months

The Climbing Wall

The Challenge 

Conveying the message that “It may be the hardest way, but it’s the best one”.

The Idea

We took the tallest billboard in Israel and transformed it into a climbing wall.

The Results

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem generated from this campaign a rise of 7% in enlisting students.

Coca-Cola Personal Road

The Challenge 

Creating and giving the consumer a personalised experience in the last place he thought possible.

The Idea

We created a personal road, whenever a consumer drove close to the billboard , his name already showed on the billboard itself.

The Results

The app that generated the personalized billboards ranked #1 at the israeli app store from the first day launched.

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