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Diet Coke presents: Millions of one of a kind bottles

The Challenge

Conveying Diet Coca-Cola’s Message – ״Stay Extraordinary״

The idea

over 2 million bottles were produced by a new and unique printing system that prints every bottle with a different look.
for the consumer, this means that no bottle would repeat itself and that the consumer holds a one of a kind bottle!

Unlock YOLO


The Challenge:

To introduce a new brand of chocolate pudding – YOLO, and generate a digital buzz.

The Solution:

The YOLO could be attained with one catch – it came locked inside a transparent box which had a combination lock on it, and the tasters had to resist the temptation until we sent them the combination.

The Results:

We had the world’s first communal tasting. All of our tasters tasted YOLO at the same time, and this created a tidal wave of social media. The buzz was so big, that YOLO’s were all over Israeli social media channels, and once introduced to the market it was sold out!

Coca-Cola Mini Me (3D Printing)

The Challenge

Launching Coca-Cola’s new product in Israel – Mini Coca-Cola.

The Idea

We decided to introduce the new product to our consumers by using something close enough to them, something they are  very familiar to -  themselves, Or to be more precise, a mini version of themselves – by printing a 3D mini figurines which looks exactly like them.

The Results

Coca-Cola mini sales hit all predictions. The yearly goal was sold in only in 2 months

The Cinderella Project


The Challenge

Nimrod Shoes – A leading, well established kids shoes franchise has a really great reputation.
Everyone knows, that buying kids shoes, or any shoes online, is a hard task to complete without trying them one.
By that notion, we were asked to find a new way to promote the brand digital wise and promote buying the brands shoes online, while taking in consideration that trying on and fitting the shoes was very important.

The Idea

The Cinderella Project.
Is your daughter a princess?
We let our customers fit their shoes using a iPad and a special application.
By that – giving the children a unique and cool new way to buy shoes.

Coca-Cola Personal Road

The Challenge 

Creating and giving the consumer a personalised experience in the last place he thought possible.

The Idea

We created a personal road, whenever a consumer drove close to the billboard , his name already showed on the billboard itself.

The Results

The app that generated the personalized billboards ranked #1 at the israeli app store from the first day launched.

From the Media


The Climbing Wall

The Challenge 

Conveying the message that “It may be the hardest way, but it’s the best one”.

The Idea

We took the tallest billboard in Israel and transformed it into a climbing wall.

The Results

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem generated from this campaign a rise of 7% in enlisting students.

Burger Place at Your Home


The Challenge

Conveying the well know message that Moses hamburgers is the coolest hamburgers chain in Israel.
In addition, creating a amazing summer campaign for it’s customers.

The Idea

A Moses branch at your own house.
Moses customers, were given the opportunity to have their very own branch inside their house.
the branch that was brought up – included neon signs, a unique corner in the house that looked like a Moses table,
Moses plates, Moses sauces in their refrigerator and most important -
being able to order Mozes hamburgers straight to your house, for a whole year, FOR FREE

The Coca-Cola Social Robot


The Challenge 

Giving the opportunity to participate at “Summer Love” for teenagers who are’nt able to and that way “Sharing the Happiness”.

The Idea

Creating for these teenagers a robot that would be there personalised avatar

The Results

Massive media coverage, and most importantly – everyone could share their experience from “Summer Love”